Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Charlie goes to sea with his friends: Olatz,Naroa,Diego and Sara. It`s sunny and warm.They arrive at the beach. 

Charlie is looking at the sea. His friends are swimming and playing with a ball. He is scared of the sea, because he doesn`t know how to swim. 

Sunddenly, he can see a dark shadow. It´s a  dolphin! ''It`s impossible!I can`t believe it'' says Charlie. It jumps out of the water. It  smiles at the boy, the boy runs into the water. 

The boy and the dolphin become friends. He holds on to the dolphin's  fin. He slides through the water with him. Then,  the  dolphin  brings  him back  to the beach. Charlie  waves good-bye. 

He's very happy, because he could over come his fear of sea.

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