Thursday, June 15, 2017

Indiana Jones by Aimar

Indiana Jones was born on 1st July 1899. He is an archaeologist who looks for treasures. His son is Henry.
He has different nicknames: Indiana, Indy or Dr. Jones.
The role of Indiana Jones was played by Harrison Ford in the film versions. The director was Steven Spielberg.
The movies so far are:
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).
  • Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984).
  • Indiana Jones and the last Crusade (1989).
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Skull (2008).
A new film is expected in 2020.

Stephen Curry by Amek

Themaoisha by Marco

Vanessa A. Hudgens by Helen

'Whatsapp' by Irene

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Danirep" by Hugo and Aritz

Daniel (DaniRep)

His Name is Daniel and he is 19 years old. He was born in Cadiz on the            10th of June 1997.
He is from Spain, he is Spanish. He is a singer and a youtuber. He likes listening to music and playing Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

He has 4,980,761 subscribers and he has 4 YouTube channels:
Danirep Music, Danirep Happy Minecraft A Tope!, Danirep + 6 Videos Diarios De GTA5 Online, Danirep Vlogs.

He wrote two songs: “Mi mejor amiga” and “Una noche más”. He likes these songs. He records videos with other youtubers: Flowstreet, Rubenillo 17… Nowadays he plays more games: Battlegrounds, Happy Wheels, Clash royale…  He earns a lot of money.