Monday, May 21, 2018

FantasuStory By: Martina


This is a fantasy story. These are Martina  and Olatz. They live in Miami. Martina and Olatz go on a camping for weekend.

After having lunch they go to the forest for a walk. They found a rainbow gate. They entered because they were curious. They were a little scared. They hugged each other and went inside. Suddenly, they were going down from a rainbow slide. When they reached the ground, there were a lot of unicorns and it was full of sweets. They were many types of unicorns: Gatocornio, Perrocornio, Patocornio and many more...
There was no one who played "strong chubby". They climbed some stairs of clouds and  they returned to the real word and talked to their friends:Lide, Maialen, Claudia, Helen, Maria, Argiri, Diego and Maider  and they went every day after school.

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