Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Reptiles by Paul


The reptiles has scaly skin,it lays eggs and it is ``cold blooded´´.The temperature in their bodies depend on the temperature around them.These are some reptiles :lizards,snakes,turtles and crocodiles.

The snakes are meat eaters. Some eat worms and insects.Some snakes can eat very big animals.They live all over the World, except in the Antarctica.


Most lizards are smalls but  a few can grow to be 3m long. The lizards live in almost everywhere on Earth.



Crocodiles and their close relatives alligators, are furtive animals. You can find crocodiles on riverbanks in hot countries. In good conditions the crocodiles can live 100 years.


Turtles live in warm an shallow and they  only come out of the water to lay the eggs. They swim very long distances to find a good place to have babies.


Tortoise are very similar to turtles but they live in land (and sometimes in lakes or shallow rivers).The tortoises protect themselves with their outer shells.

                                          Hot and Cold
The hot and cold affect more because they are cold blooded. If they are cold,they become slow and if they are hot, they dry up and die. A reptile spends a lot of the day trying to stay at the right temperature.

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