Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Welcome to Hawaii by ilazki

                                             WELCOME TO HAWAI

Hawaii is the USA's 50th state.It's first inhabitants came from Polynesia.
Hawaii is a group of island in the Pacific ocean.There are eight big islands.They are volcanics and very mountains.

Apart from many different types of fish,there are sea turtles, whales and dolphins inthe sea around Hawaii.
This girls is a hula dacer. The hula is a traditional Hawaiian dance.They usually wear flowers.
Surfing is a traditional Hawaiian sport.The sport strated in Hawaii in 1905.Children in Hawaii start surfing when they are very young.
Canoeing is a very popular sport in Hawaii. It is Hawaii's national sport.There are lots of canoeing clubs in Hawaii.
Traditional dance in Hawaii is the "Haka".Haka is part of the Polynesian tradition. Hawaiians dance the haka before they go canoeing.  

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