Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Then parks in the USA BY LEIRE R.

                                                    Theme parks in the USA

                                                               A magic castle 

Florida ,in the USA ,has some of the biggest theme parks .This is a Disney map. You can see characters  from the Disney films, acrobats and other things.

                                       This is Cinderella's castle in Disney World . It's beautiful inside .At night it is lit by fireworks.

This rollercoaster is very fast . It is very scary.

Awater park

Do you like swimming? This is called Typhoon Lagoon . Humunga kewabuga has got  65 meter slides. It's a great ride .

In this them park you can go rafting in the waterways on the boats.

                                                                   On safari
This theme park's called Animal Kingdom .You can go on the safari . It is the biggest park in the world, and there are more tham 1,700 animal from 250different species.

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