Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Snowy Owl by Junior

The snowy owl is a bird. So they are oviparous. The snowy owl lives in the Arctic. Because there are no trees in polar regions, they make their nests on ground rocks and mounds. 
Sometimes they use abandoned eagles nests. 

Adult males are white with brown marks. Babies are pure white when they are born. However whey they get a bit older, plumage  is marked.

 Snowy owls are carnivores. They meed to eat twelve mice every day. Like many other birds,they swallow their prey whole.

They lay 5 to 14 eggs. Eggs are laid singly approximately every other day over several days. Baby birds are barn about five weeks later. Parents defend the nest and their babies.

Snowy owls have yellow eyes. they are between 52 and 71 cm long and weigh between 1,6 and 3 kilo. They have thick plumage and feathers on their feet,so they are well adapted to live in the Arctic    

 Erlazionatutako irudia