Thursday, November 20, 2014

Robert Pattinson by Leire

                                                    Robert Pattinson

 His name is Robert Pattinson.
 He is 28 years old.
 He was born in London.
 He was born on the 13 May,1986
 He is from London. He is English.
He is an actor.Robert Pattinson played Edward Cullen,the most popular vampire in the history of cinema. 
He started to have piano lesson wher he was three years old and he started playing the guitar at the age of five composing. His vocation was music. He started acting when he was fifteen.
After acting in famous plays he acted in Ring of the Nibelwas"and"varity fair". His first big opportunity.
 Robert Pattinson became an idol after "twilight", because it was a great success. His success continued to grow New Moon and Eclipse.
The newspaper named him British star of Tomorrow. There were more than 3.000 candidates to play the vampire in the film "Twilight". Robert was chosen to play Edward Cullen.


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