Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Theme parks in the USA by Leire. A.

                  Theme parks in the US                   
1-This is a Disney parade.People can see characters from Disney film, acrobats and other things, too. Sometimes characters leave the parade to play with people in the crowd.

  A water park

2-This water park is called Typhoon Lagoon. In this picture you can see an attraction called Humunga Kowagunga. It has three 65 metre slide side by side.

3-In this theme park you can go rafting or ride down in the waterways on fun boats.

                                          On safari
4-This theme park is called Animal Kingdom. It is biggest animal theme park in the world. You can go on safari and you can see all the 1,700 animals from 250 different species.

5-This roller-coaster is enormous and it goes very fast. It is very scary!!!.

                                 A magic castle
6-This is Cinderella`s castle and it`s in Disney world. It`s very beautiful inside. It`s very beautiful outside
 and more beautiful at night. When it is lit by fireworks.                                     

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