Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ZEBRAS by Maider

Zebra are several species of African equids. They live in Africa and they belong to the horse family. They‘ve black and white stripes but their stripes are different.

There are three different species: the plains zebra, Grévis zebra and mountain zebra. The mountain zebra is similar to a donkey and, the other art more is horse-like.

The zebra stripes are unique.

The zebras tail is long.

Zebra is a white animal with black stripes. Zebras have with underbellies.

On the head, the stripes are vertical and on the body and legs horizontal.

When the zebra is attacked, the zebra will zig-zag for making difficult for the predator.

Zebra are social. When they are attacked by hyenas packs, they huddle together with their babes in the middle. When zebras are calm,tense or friendly mood its ears are stand erect. When it frightened its ears are pushed forward and when it is angry its ears are pulled backwards.

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