Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the mask by june c.

This is Lilli she´s ten yeas old. 
She lives with her parents. 
Today she wants to give her parents a surprise. 
She is going to make a mask to scare her parents.
First,she gets a piece of paper and some colour pencils.
 Then she draws a face and a big nose with warts. 
After, she draws an ugly mouth with big teeth. 
Later, she cuts out the face and holds in front of her face. 
Next, she walks quietly in to her mum and dad´s bedroom. 
After that, she puts the mask on her face and "Aggghh!!!!!!!!"  
Mum and dad look very white. 
They are scared, ten minutes later, she takes a cup of coffee to  her mum and dad for breakfast.

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