Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SPY KIDS by Anne Maialen

Alexa  Ellesse Vega  and Daryl  Christopher  Sabara are the two actors  who starred in Spy  Kids.   

She is  25 years old. She was born  in California  USA, she was born on  the  27 August 1988. 

She is  from California USA. She is  an actress. When  she was 4, she started acting  in a TV series.
She is half  Italian and half Colombian. She has three sisters. Alexa and Daryl  don't go to school  when they  are acting . They  have a special teacher. 

He  is  21 years old. He was born  in California  USA.
He was born on 14 June, 1992. He  was born in California USA . He  is  an  actor. He  started acting on TV when he was a  baby. His favourite actors are Jim Carrey and Robin Williams. Daryl  has a twin   brother, Evan. He has a Jack Russel dog .He likes ballet, martial arts and gymnastics.    

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