Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jim Carrey by ander

                           Jim Carrey
 His name is James Eugene Carrey.
 He is 51 years old.
 He was born in Canada.He was born on the 17th January 1962.
 He's from Canada so he is Canadian.
 He is an actor.
 His hobbies are basketball and motorcycles.
 His first films were comedies:"Ace Ventura:Pet Detective"(1994)and "The Mask"(1994).His funny elastic face made him famous.
 Jim likes to make serious films,too like "The Majestic". But his funny films are more popular.
 Jim likes to go to basketball games with her daughter Jane. She's 24 years old. "I like to relax at home with Jane and eat potato chips" he said.

     (Ace Ventura)                                               (The Mask)

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