Monday, May 6, 2013




The hockey game is 200 years old. Hockey game is played in different countries a long time ago. Hockey was very popular in English public schools in the 19th countrys. Girls used to play hockey and  boys played rugby, football and cricket. But today boys and girls can play old.


When summer comes, the boys play  Cricket. Cricket game can last 5 days The cricket game was played in the16th country. It´s very popular in Britain.


Rugby game is very popular in Britain, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the Basque country. The rugby game is played in public schools.


Football game is the national sport in Britain . Football game started in 1100s but is started being famous much later. The public school encouraged students to play football.


The girls play Netball at school. It is the British verision of American basketball, but for girls. The post and the ring have got 3m high.

High jump:

The first record of high jump is in Scotland in the 19th century. High jump is an Olinpic sport, the men´s world high jump is 2.45 m high and the women's high jump record is 2.06m high.

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