Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In the rain forest, the weather is hot all year. It´s always wet. It rains every day. Trees in the rain forest grow very tall. The tops of the trees can reach the clouds. The trees live a thousand years. The trees help clear the air.

Many birds and animals live in the rain forest:

  • Lemurs come out at night and they use their big eyes to look for fruit.
  • Tree frogs are very small. This frog live in a flower. Tree frogs are bright and colourful. This frog has got big eyes and a big mouth.
  • The ants are always very busy. There are millions of ants in the rain forest. They work in groups.
  • In the rain forest there are more insects than any other animals. Each insect is different but they all have six legs.
  • The jaguar is the king of the rain forest. It hunts through the trees, using its ears, eyes, and nose to find an animal to eat.
  • Bats sleep in the day and fly around at night.
The rain forest is very important to all of us. It clears the air and is home to many animals and plants. If we protect the rain forest we can help save the world. 


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