Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Biography by Sara

                                                                    Britney Spears

Her real name is Britney Jean Spears. She was born on the 2nd of December of 1981. She's 30 years old. 
She was Born in Kent wood, Louisiana, USA. 
She is Sagittarius.
She lives in Kentwood, Louisiana, USA
She's got two sons. Britney has a brother named Brian and a sister named Jaime Lynn. Her sister Jaime is a singer and a TV actress.
When she was 11 Britney became a TV presenter on Mickey Mouse Club. There she worked with Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.
Britney's first album was Baby one more time and other is Oops!... I did it again.
She sings, dances and acts. Her film, Crossroads, was not success. Her favourite foods are pasta, hot dogs and ice cream. Her favourite sports are doing judo, gymnastics and playing basketball. She likes shopping, reading and watching TV. She has created a perfume called "Curious"   

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