Wednesday, March 30, 2011

animals in the USA by Iñigo

There are some wonderful wild animals in USA.

The balds eagles
The bald eagles live in lakes or rivers because there are fish.They eat such birds mammals and rabbits.Bald eagles are the largest bird, they have got brown feathers and white head and tail. they are a symbol of America and they are in many official seals and on some coins.

Raccoons live in the forest.They are nocturnal animals. They are grey but they got black and white marks.They are between 40 or 70 cm long and their tail is 25 cm long.They are omnivorous.They eat insects and worms and they like eating fruit and nuts and also eat birds and fish.

Grizzly bears
The grizzly bear is also called the brown bear they live in the mountains and they are omnivores:they eat plants and animals and they like fish.

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